“…In the process of writing this book, an extremely difficult journey that has taken years, I was taken to unfamiliar destinations and exposed to unfathomable pain. Part of that pain was learning that I was created through the atrocities of incest by a brutally manipulative monster and, while only moments old, denied by a heartless grandmother who never bothered to look at me. Another difficult truth is that I was carried in the belly of an immature, vulnerable child, connected by the lifeline that carried the blood-rich oxygen and nutrients from her to me, only to be rejected by her from my first breath…”


“…Set against insurmountable twists, turns and unexpected family secrets and lies, I Am the Product of Rape―A Memoir begins in 1951, spanning four generations of women and taking you beyond incest and rape into the world of a child neglected by a mother who sacrificed her daughter for material comfort. I introduce you to a young mother of two daughters who meets, falls in love with, and marries her knight in shining armor, who happens to be a sexual predator…”

Introduction to Epilogue: Burning House

Burning House was written because I personally want to be the voice for the voiceless, advocate, give insight, educate and break the silence surrounding the taboo topic’s of incest, molestation, and rape. I want people to realize that it can occur most often among close relatives and family friends. My goal is to bring conversation and healing to those who are ready to begin their journey.