Flawed System

Examining the Flaws in Social Service Networks If you’ve ever visited our site, read one of Catherine’s books, volunteered at any of our workshops, or looked to our nonprofit as a resource for healing, then you can likely attest that a huge part of our efforts and work at W.O.M.E.N. are centered around sexual assault […]

Understanding Child Sexual Assault

Vulnerable Children Of the myriad of important topics covered in Catherine’s book I Am the Product of Rape—A Memoir, one that stands out and is weaved throughout the entire heart of the book is the cyclical pain caused by child sexual assault. As discussed in our first blog, sexual assault in the workplace has become […]

Here’s to the New Year!!! 2019

Who We Are For those of you who know us, and for some of you who don’t, Women On Maintaining Education and Nutrition, or W.O.M.E.N. for short, is the oldest and only 501(c)3 organization founded, organized, administered and directed by an African American woman living with AIDS in the southern United States. Additionally, Women on […]